ODIN Motor logo Teammembers wanted

Designing and building a new vehicle concept isn't something you can do on your own. We're looking for Teammembers. If you want to share the fun of exploring, then join us!

Finding inspiration

Have a look at some inspiring ideas from around the world. And share your ideas with us.

Inspiring movements and ideas

See some ideas and examples here, that have inspired us sofar.

Example ODIN inspiration 1 ODIN Motor logo Example ODIN inspiration number 2

Our starting ideas

Traveling during rush hour isn't funny anymore. It is too crowded, takes too much time, is really... just too slow.

building smarter vehicles, adjusting them to  your needs.
for example From bike to car.
and being more fun and flexible to use!

Get in touch

Share your ideas or if you want to join our team, get in touch now...
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